Thousands visited the 14th edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show last March, seeing and buying art while talking to artists. The next Show, will take place October 4th – October 7th and will feature Intersections: China and Artist Dialogues. 


While we prepare for the next Show, continue browsing art here on the Asia Contemporary Art Buyer, where the Show goes on 24/7. Feel free to look through the art featured, make inquiries to galleries and artists regarding artworks you like, and even purchase a special piece to add to your collection!


Lisa Beth Older



Lisa Beth Older’s work reflects the energy and cross cultures of New York City in her art that is visceral and tactile rather than intellectual. Being an abstract painter and fascinated with texture, layers, and the idea that everything builds on everything, Older preserves and carries on Abstract Expressionism through her signature style “Bend & Blend”, rich with three-dimensional relief effects.

Older’s art can be found in the American Museum of Natural History's Department of Astrophysics and in the historic American Express building in Wall Street, where an installation of eight (paintings are on public display. Her art can also be found in numerous private collections.



South Korea


Kim Jun Hyung (b.1984) introduces the bible to his audiences in two ways: by expressing the meaning of the words in the bible through his art, and to paint scenes from the bible that prompt philosophical and religious discourse among audiences. Embedded into each painting are excerpts of the bible written in neat rows covering entire surfaces, like a wallpaper motif.

Kim studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Hyupsung University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2012. The artist has participated in numerous shows in Miami, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul. Kim will hold his first and much- awaited solo show in Hong Kong in May 2019.


Elizabeth Langreiter


Elizabeth Langreiter’s art journey began in a rather unusual way. Langreiter had zero interest in art before being hit on the head with a tennis ball during a competitionand then had the sudden urge to start painting. The artist connects this to “Acquired savant syndrome”which is a condition where “dormant savant skills emerge after a brain injury or disease...where few such skills were evident before.”


In 2016, Langreiterwas selected as one of the top 100 Australian emerging artists. The artist’s works are held in private collections across the globe. She has also exhibited in many galleries in Australiaand was selected as a finalist in the Hunters Hill Art Prize.