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by Xing Chengai

Ink and Colour on Paper

65 x 81.5 cm

HK$ 150,000

Xing Chengai


Male, alias Fu Xuan, was born in 1960 in Cangzhou , Hebei Province. Currently he is a member of the Chinese Artists’ Association, Hebei Branch. In 1978 he was graduated from the Fine Art Academy of Hebei, and studied painting under the guidance of master XuHongbin. After graduation he advanced his studies at the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts and Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. Xing is unceasingly studying and creating, forming his new expressive way of painting.He absorbs the traditional and has bold creativity. Xing specializes in Gongbi style (elaborate brushwork) cat, dog, and tiger, etc.
Xing Chengai(1 M)

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