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Endless Line No.20

Endless Line No.20

by Gu Benchi

Polyester Thread, Stainless Steel Nails, Acrylic, Hot Melt Adhesive

120 x 120 cm

HK$ 74,000

Gu Benchi


Born in 1979 Gu Benchi presents from his Shanghai studio a new body of work “Endless Line” that applies an inventive technique, using high-strength polyester threads stretched and fastened with stainless steel nails over acrylic painting on canvas. The threads are formed into complex, three-dimensional geometric patterns, and catch the light against the artist’s vividly coloured backgrounds. Gu Benchi has won recognition at numerous exhibitions in China and internationally, developing a growing base of collectors.

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Endless Line No.20 by Gu Benchi
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