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Metamorphoses Series No.5

Metamorphoses Series No.5

by Charlotte McGowan-Griffin

Shellac on Cut Paper (Fabriano)

73 x 63 cm

HK$ 32,000

Charlotte McGowan-Griffin

United Kingdom

Paper cutting is at the core of Charlotte McGowan-Griffin’s work, a process which relies on anticipation and intuition, and a dynamic relationship with the material. A cut is an irreversible act, a ritual, the repeated enactment of which gradually reduces the physical weight of the paper and turns it into a mysterious three-dimensional space situated between the image and a supra-physical distance which surpasses the usual limits of paper’s capacity for graphic expression. Through her subtractive process and monochromatic approach, McGowan-Griffin empowers the ordinarily passive paper with a subtle intensity.
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Metamorphoses Series No.5 by Charlotte McGowan-Griffin
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