01 June - 31 August, 2017


Pang Yongjie, Xu Songbo

Pang Yongjie is recognized as one of the leading Chinese artists of the "post-contemporary abstract" movement. His work extols the female physique, its beauty expressed in the artist’s signature style of abstract, fluid forms. Drawing on the aesthetic of mid-eighth century Tang dynasty norms of beauty.

Xu Songbo revisits the Tang dynasty’s love of horsemanship and the hunt, creating highly detailed compositions that capture the majesty of equestrianism across the plains of ancient Chang’an. Xu’s work recalls the form and colours of European Renaissance masterpieces while bringing to life the grandeur of China’s golden age of literature and art.

Artist Spotlight - Takahide Komatsu

Takahide Komatsu’s ethereal works are inspired by Japanese Rinpa school paintings. Rinpa, meaning “school of Rin” was named after famed artist, Ogata Korin (1658 – 1716). Komatsu draws from painting techniques developed in 17th century Kyoto, contemporizing them by merging the traditional background patterns of shimmering gold and silver leaf with detailed depictions of native plant and animal species in bold, vibrant colours. Takahide Komatsu was born in Miyazaki, Japan in 1979 and graduated in 2000 from the Artist Course at Kyusyu Designer Gaukin. His works have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Asia and Japan, as well as New York and London. 


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01 February - 31 March, 2017

"limited edition | édition limitée"


07 July - 30 September, 2016

Intimate Embraces


26 May - 30 June, 2016

Korean Voices | On Beauty and Nature


06 April - 06 May, 2016

The Colour of Light by Wessel Huisman


24 March - 27 March, 2016

Singapore Contemporary


18 February - 17 March, 2016

Homage to Körin by Takahide Komatsu

A beautiful day

02 December, 2015 - 12 February, 2016

"Tang Style" by Xu Songbo


28 October - 27 November, 2015

"Rings On Fire" by Phil Akashi


23 September - 23 October, 2015

“Modern Italian Master” by Saverio Lucci

Steel Dream

26 August - 21 September, 2015

'Test Pattern Infinity' by Mo Shah


17 June - 10 July, 2015



14 May - 12 June, 2015