01 September - 31 October, 2017

Intersections: Japan

David Stanley Hewett, Kan-Zan-Loc, Takahide Komatsu, Toshio Iezumi, Yasuhide Kunimoto, Yoichiro Kai

Fabrik Gallery presents a group exhibition of Japanese artists whose works are inspired by the traditional ethics or values of Japanese Art and that reflect the crossing of artistic ideas between the past and present, the traditional and modern as well as East and West.

Takahide Komatsu and Yoichiro Rai both hail from Miyazaki, Toshio Iezumi and Kan-Zan-Loc are natives of Tochigi, while Yasuhide Kunimoto is from Oita and David Stanley Hewett is the sole American.

Artist Spotlight - Toshio Iezumi

Toshio Iezumi was born 1954 in Tochigi, Japan. After graduating from high school he worked at a camera company where he learned how to polish lenses. In 1983, he began to learn glass art at the Tokyo Glass Art Institute where he started to make sculptures out of sheet glass.


After graduating, Iezumi developed a special technique for shaping glass by laminating sheets of glass into a bloc, and carving and polishing the bloc with stone carving tools. Influenced by Ancient Chinese bronzes as well as the works of Brâncuşi and Donald Judd, Iezumi’s technique of direct curving and dealing with light reflection and refraction seeks to illustrate volume and depth as it occurs in the glass. 


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